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Small Intestine System

small-intestine-meridian-p6smallintestineThe small intestine meridian is a Yang meridian and is also called the Arm Tai Yang Meridian 手太陽.  begins at the pinky and continues along the side of the palm, the wrist, forearm, inside of of the elbow, arm, shoulder, zig-zags on the upper shoulder, then.  At this point it breaks into two paths, internally through the heart and stomach to the small intestine, and externally it continues to the neck, cheek and ends at the corner of the eye.  There it continues with the Bladder meridian.


Problems in the small intestine system manifest themselves mainly as pain along its path such as stiff neck, swollen chin, soar throat, hearing loss, and pain in the arm, shoulder, elbow and forearm.


Since the small intestine (yang) system pairs with the heart (yin) system, it also plays a role in treating psychological or emotional distress.  In addition, since it is a yang meridian, it can also be used to deal with fever.

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