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What's Dryness

dry2drynessDryness is one of the six external pathogens and is most prevalent in the Fall when Yang Qi declines in nature.  In early Fall, the Summer Heat from summer is still exists nature.  Dryness and Summer Heat often invade the body together.  Later in Fall, Coldness starts to build up and it usually invades the body together with Dryness.


As the name implies, Dryness causes dryness in the body by consuming Body Fluids and leading to symptoms of dry throat, nose, hair, skin, little urination and constipation.


This overall dryness in the body affects the Lung system which loves moisture.  In the Five Element Theory, Lung is connected to Fall (Autumn) and is therefore most directly affected in that season.  Lung is also the first system that connects to the environment and so, it is the first affected by environmental changes.  The deficiency of Lung Qi resulting from a Coldness attack causes dry cough with little phlegm, or thick phlegm that is hard to expel, chest pain and shortness of breath. 

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